Mohawk Iroquois

A Gage John Lazare Art showing is always a dramatic affair, Audience are just full of anticipation. From the beginning of his career he has set out through art too challenge and confront oppositions, A lord of misrule. but he is also a sensitive and creative genius who has given us some of the most dramatic and feminine art in the last ten years. Ever since his first showing Lazare has been remarkably consistent. One part loves the decadence of in your face sexuality, The other is attracted to almost a late fifties concept That forms into empowering the female threw beautiful portraits. a true creative genius John has a magnificent sense of drama. as in the forties film noir directors of Hollywood, But above all Alford Hitchcock, who’s “The Birds” and “The man who knew too much “ are actually used by lazare as titles of collections. and who’s ice cool screen goddess such as Grace Kelly - Truman Capote - David Lynch are frequently reinvented in Gage John Lazare’s work.